Sunday, 22 July 2012

More Area 44

This cool new spot has way too many awesome climbs to walk away from so quickly.  I can see a lot of time spent here.  There are a LOT of low/moderate grade climbs to start gaining experience outside.

Heather and I decided to bring our friend Koshey out for some quality climbing today.  Another early start, another deserted crag to climb.  Down to Preview, another new climb to try.  A 5.8 that we didn't try last time, 'I'm not against it' is first up.

It was a pretty excellent climb, the crux was a big, bulging crack sequence that was utterly delightful.  Great start to the day.  Heather made the follow look routine, and Koshey was pretty quick going up.  Unfortunately, she had some issues when cleaning the station. 

A challenging looking 5.9/10a called 'I might possibly consider that' beckons.  The start was a NIGHTMARE.  I know that I made up my own start, which was dirty and challenging, but I couldn't see anything better that wouldn't get me killed.  After the start, things started to get interesting.  I had to string together some pretty challenging sequences on some very interesting rock.  I am quite liking this Area 44 business, it's a pretty cool place.

Heather made the follow look graceful as usual, that girl can really climb!

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