Saturday, 28 July 2012

Cal Cheak, The Next Batch

It's just too easy to access this place after camping at Cal Cheak.  Time to explore a new crag.  Shelf Road has some shorter climbs for some quick hits on a hot summer day. 

The first climb on the plan for today is a 5.7 called 'A Piece of Cake' which is anything but.  I struggled mightily trying to get something going.  Wow, this has never happened before.  I really couldn't find the solution to this puzzle.  Finally, after clinging to the face for what seemed like forever, I was able to get some upward momentum.  I'll have to evaluate this as a pretty lacklustre climb.  I had to repeat it to get back the gear, too, as it was too reachy for Heather to follow.  Went easier the second time, at least, when my stubborn brain said that I must lead it again.

Moving on to a slightly higher face climb called Crazy Eights, which is listed as a 5.9...  Ok.  This was much more betterer.  Actually quite a fun climb, but it was getting quite annoying to exist in this area because 'Shelf Road' is actually a path used to access the top of 'Huckleberry Lane' which was experiencing heavy traffic from a youth group up for a day of climbing action.  Enough of this, time to grab some beer and hit the lake.

Cal Cheak is awesome, it's like having a crag in your back yard.  Wade approves.

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