Tuesday, 15 July 2014

O How I missed you, Emil.

This has been a challenging summer for climbing.  The weather has been of the chains amazing, but challenges in my life have kept me at home far more often than I would have liked.  I'm happy to be out at Cheakamous after a short day at work.

Heather, Mert, Benji and I are all heading up for a wonderful afternoon of some easy climbing.  We start out on the Foundation Wall, hitting some of the lower-graded climbs there to warm up, and then decide that something more would be nice.

Mert and Benji head up towards the Crest to hit some climbs up that way, and Heather and I, decide to enjoy the sunset from the top of Emil and the Detectives.  It's been some time since we were on this particular route, and I still don't know how I feel about it.  It's a beauty of a showpiece from the top, a million dollar view, for sure, but the trip up is only ok!

My body really isn't all in for this yet, I have been off for far too long.  The struggle isn't so much physical though, as it is mental.  I have climbed these pitches so many times, but it's hard to remember to trust the friction in this rock!  It's not that it's an unprotected climb or anything though, so it's no big deal up to the mid point.

Heather's following on, and it's great to see her up on the rock again after such a long layoff.  She's moving confidently up after me, picking up on the tough spots I got myself into and avoiding them skillfully.  As we sit at the mid point, looking up at the second pitch, which always freaks me out on the start, I wonder just why I love this so much!

The start of pitch 2 comes easy today, and I'm very happy about it.  It's such a pleasant little jaunt, I'm at the top waiting for Heather in no time at all, and before you know it she's right beside me.  What a loverly spot to sit and enjoy the failing moments of the sun.

A short afternoon of climbing in the books, it's off to Howe Sound Brewing for some refreshments before a harrowing nighttime adventure!  Good to be back!!!

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