Sunday, 2 June 2013

I hate you, Emil!

After working ALL weekend after waiting so long for the sun to grace us with it's presence, I just had to get out and have some fun.  I can't stand looking out the window and seeing a beautiful day while I'm all cooped up inside!

I had been corresponding with a couple of couchsurfers while trying to decide if it was worth it to head up late on a Sunday afternoon, and decided it was a good idea to try.  I hurried and pushed, and was able to get out of work around quarter to three, and quickly made my way home.  The car was still loaded and waiting, so we ripped down Broadway to pick up Sarah.

A nice, friendly young lady from Leeds with no outdoor climbing experience but a lot of enthusiasm, we enjoyed chatting while I drove up to Cheakamous Canyon.  Arriving in a PACKED parking lot, already 5PM, it was pretty obvious that we would be climbing close to the parking area, just from a time standpoint, and with so little to choose from, it was Emil and the Detectives stepping up to the plate.

I don't love this climb, for some reason I find the start of the second pitch to be just nightmarish, but you can't fight city hall, so our path is set.  This first pitch is a snap, and some nice climbing as I listened to the ladies below chatting and giggling.  What a beautiful evening.  I got the station all set up and belayed Sarah up to the anchor, she looked very confidant coming up, moving without much hesitation on her first outdoor pitch.  Heather followed quickly, and then I started trying to convince her that she wanted to lead the second pitch.

Alas, it was not to be, and I was given the duty to lead again.  The second pitch is short and simple, but there's one move just at the start that I just have a very hard time dealing with.  Today was no different.  It's annoying to have that much difficulty with such a simple move.  Oh well, I guess it is what it is.  I'm at the top, belaying again before you know it. 

The view up here is magnificent, which, I think, is probably the reason that Heather selected this climb for our guest to experience for the first climb.  The whole time that I was belaying Heather up Sarah was happily ooh-ing and aah-ing while snapping away with her camera. 

Now for the sticky part:  Sarah hasn't rappelled since a short class she took quite some time ago.  Heather sets herself up to demonstrate and descends without issue.  I help Sarah set up and try to show her how the mechanism is working.  She is nervous, understandably, and proceeds slowly, but she gets it done, and is able to get down to Heather at the mid station without much trouble.

Soon we're all at the bottom, and we realize it's already almost 7 o'clock!  Time sure flies, Sarah needs to be back in the city for eight, so we pack up after a very brief outing.  What a weekend!

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