Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Skaha Adventures!!

I would have to say that this Skaha trip was one of the best vacations I have been on in awhile. It had the perfect mix of all the elements that I love! The combination of cute animal sightings, climbing days, wine touring and some relaxing by a campfire all made this trip very enjoyable.... that is, until we had to leave! Noooooooooooo!!

Climbing in Skaha reminds me of a huge playground, so much to do and so little time to do it all! Which means you get to come back again and again and it will be different each time. We have not even walked to all the different crags yet because there are so many, ridiculously awesome!!!

I loved the number of different little critters we saw this trip, the desert is so full of life! From the baby duckies swimming around the moat of our campsite, the frog in the garbage can that scared me half to death, the marmot at the winery, the many fascinating bird species, and the deer feasting away on the side of the road at dusk. All of these made me smile to watch, but, the highlight for me was the evening at out campsite when I noticed that the ground was moving. Worms were everywhere! These were no small tiny worms, they were big, fat and about ten inches long each! With them coming up from all sides of our campsite we were surrounded by these creatures looking for dry land to camp out on. It was really amazing to see this because there were so many and they moved so quickly once they got going. If you ever get to experience staying in a flooding campsite I hope you get to see this because it is really memorable to see!

Back to climbing...

One of the highlights for myself was climbing lead on the Daycare crag, I just get such a thrill while climbing this way. Knowing that I am safe, but if I fall...eek!!! What a thrill! I also have the support of Wade telling me that I am doing great and looking fantastic so it helps push me along.

Having Wade do the majority of the lead climbing really eases my mind because some days it is very terrifying! On top rope I can do all sorts of fancy moves I would not be confident enough to try while leading. Watching Wade lead climb makes me a little bit envious of his courage and no fear of falling! One day I will get there!!

Overall the trip was awesome with my overall favorite climb being the 10.a on our second day!

What a fabulous time at the bluffs :)

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