Saturday, 27 April 2013

May Flowers are Highly Overrated...

After an epic March, with more climbing than I could have ever dreamt of, April has been a HUGE disappointment.  For shame, April.  Get out of here.  A total of zero expeditions were started in the whole month.  What a joke.

Yes, I live in one of the rainiest cities on the planet.  I get that, and am not surprised.  But April has been a disgusting tease, especially these last couple weeks.  All week long, beautiful, sunny weather.  Friday night--Cue the rain.  There have been a few Sunday afternoons that have been so pretty that I wanted to load up and go, but immediately recalled the torrential downpour of the preceding day.  What a bummer.
Yeah, Vancouver's pretty fantastic, and I still keep on my bike, even when the rain is heavy, but you just can't climb through this slop.  Oh well, off to MEC for some new shoes and then down to the gym!  Only a few more days of this crap left.  Looking forward to May!

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