Saturday, 4 August 2012

Rappeling Class. So much to learn.

Another camping trip, another day of climbing the hills above the quarry.  Mert is going to teach rapelling class today, so we decided to head up Huckleberry Lane with its easy to access top for a good quality demo.

So many safety points to remember, but the one that I cling to is the simple one.  Check everything, then check it again.  And one more time before you un-secure yourself.  I figure that as long as I don't screw that one up, nothing too, too bad can happen to me. 

Overall, rappelling is pretty simple though, and I really like it because I can go down REALLY fast.  Also, I think it will probably prolong the life of the rope too, which I appreciate, because this stuff isn't excessively cheap.

We take the opportunity to climb a few fairly forgettable routes up on Shelf Road, and I think that's about as much time as I'll spend up there until I'm pushing up on 5.11.

The camping cooler.  Epic.

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