Saturday, 2 June 2012

Gear Shopping!!!

After such a wonderful first experience, it's time to take the next step in this hobby that I am determined to explore further.  First step is gear.  The way I see it, there is a pretty small, but rather important list of equipment that one must acquire to persue outdoor climbing effectively.


1 rope
8-10 quickdraws
random selection of carabiners and slings
guide book

Ok.  Now that this is established, a trip to MEC is in order. 

Did you know that climbing gear is somewhat expensive?  And without everything on the list, any one thing on the list is remarkably less useful?  Hmmmm... 

Oh well, make it to spend it, right?  Sounds good.

Luckily, my super-genious came to the rescue...  I was at the till paying for some carrier packs for my bicycle, and Heather excitedly came over.  'You HAVE to come see this!!!'

Ok.  Can do.

'This' turns out to be an ad on the MEC bulletin board that had been placed by someone looking to unload ALL of their 'gently used' gear for two hundred bucks.  Now, for those who are not up to date on the subject, this is a pretty smoking deal for everything that was listed on that ad.  Two hundred dollars out the door and onto the rock, all ready to go.  Talk about too good to be true.

'Think we should call?'

''It's probably gone, but sure, why not?'

Turns out it was, in fact, not gone.  The gentleman who placed the ad wasn't even back home from posting it, and Heather was the first call.  All right then.  Lets make this happen.

Straight to the bank, then downtown to claim our prize.  The gear was every bit as advertised.  Beautiful, clean, looking like it was hardly ever used.  Happily we paid, and hurried off to the car with our new toy, excited with our amazing luck. 

This calls for a celebration.  Off to the Teahouse for a great, relaxing dinner, looking forward to our first climbing adventure with our awesome new stuff.

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